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The George at 42

Beginning in September, our team has worked with Underhill Associates as they rebrand and redevelop The George at 42, formerly known as Regency Tower. Our first order...
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Oxmoor Auto Group’s Slam Dunk Drive

Oxmoor Auto Group is very involved with charitable donations and Boxcar wanted our client to get in on the basketball excitement of March Madness so we created...
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Downtown A-Loft Hotel Walk-Thru

On July 6, 2015, Our trendsetter Danielle Davis, Game-changer Joey Wagner and our Go-Getter Lauren Cox put on their hard hats and toured the new A-Loft Hotel...
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Keep it Simple

On a daily basis, Boxcar takes complex scenarios and creatively presents them in ways that are easy and simple to understand. Below is a simple article of...
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Sources for Photography

Similar to the strategic way a press release is written, a story is covered, a tweet is tweeted - a photographic image can make or break the...
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Ladies and Gentlemen, For Your Success, a Juggling Act

My Media Whiz cohort, Lynsey, came to me the other day and asked me to create a sports logo for her and one of our clients. I...
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Marketing Mass Consumption

A client recently passed along an article from The Atlantic where Derek Thompson broke down all the ways we get duped every time we go to buy...
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Bridging the Gap Between Public Relations and Advertising

Digital Media as the Driver for Change It can be argued that public relations is a cornerstone of the advertising industry, and that both disciplines must look...
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