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Public Advocacy

Cincinnati Parks Levy Campaign

BoxcarPR recently partnered with the Cincinnati Parks Levy campaign. Our team provided a fresh graphic design to the campaign’s website along with new content and social media...
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Home Court Advantage: Keep Our Basketball Heritage Alive

A economic study was commissioned to offer an unbiased examination of the economic feasibility of an NBA franchise in Louisville, Kentucky. The study concludes that an NBA...
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Boxcar's own Election Coverage

                  Our resident Rainmaker, Bob Gunnell, will be one of the featured political strategists weighing in on today's election....
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A Battleground State of Affairs

This past Monday, BoxcarPR’s Rainmaker and Trailblazer (Bob and Elizabeth) and Ted Jackson, a political consultant and CEO of English Emprise and Boxcar’s newest staff member, traveled...
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Online Petitions: A Powerful Advocacy Tool to Effect Change

In the past, the process of rallying groups to sign a petition or pledge their support was a tall order. Garnering enough support to truly effect change...
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