Ladies and Gentlemen, For Your Success, a Juggling Act

My Media Whiz cohort, Lynsey, came to me the other day and asked me to create a sports logo for her and one of our clients. I was struck with some serious creative block. I tried everything, sketching, looking at other logos, and a few other things. I overcame my block eventually, but I definitely needed some help over the hurdle.

With trends and technology ever changing, it is absolutely vital to keep abreast of all the newest information in each of these areas. Outside of working with some very fun and creative people to keep me on my toes, I also depend on these sources for inspiration and trending information. Enjoy!




Communication Arts-I remember one of my first graphic design classes, my professor brought this magazine in and I was immediately hooked. This is great for everyone, from photographers to illustrators, and if you’re a student, its FREE!










The Dieline-For all you package design fans out there. This is a great resources for branding and promotional ideas.




Faveup/Creattica-This is my go-to spot for everything inspiration. This site has the best of the best when it comes to design and even features a few freebies.




Mashable-As many of you know, Mashable is one of the best places to go to catch up on technology, news, and social media.