Bridging the Gap Between Public Relations and Advertising

Digital Media as the Driver for Change

It can be argued that public relations is a cornerstone of the advertising industry, and that both disciplines must look to each other for effective, long-term success. With the advent of social media, and its ever-increasing role in our lives, there are many new and unique opportunities for industry professionals.

So how has this changed expectations in our industries?

Through digital media, we have new ways to find and connect with our audiences, new mediums to convey messages, and opportunities to engage influential users and promote conversations with your brand’s fans.

Perhaps most importantly, the advent of social media and digital campaigns has solved one of our oldest challenges – the need to quantify and measure client campaigns.

Knowing how to organize, interpret, and apply data are essential skills that every marketer must possess, and increasingly, client success dictates that both advertising and public relations professionals be able to bridge the gap between disciplines.