The Evolution of a Story

On August 27, WHAS11’s Joe Arnold toured the sub-basement of 119 W. Main Street, and reported on the underground sex club construction crews found in this section of Whiskey Row. Joe’s story went viral with DrudgeReport, Huffington Post, AOL, the Daily Mail, and other news sites linking to his report. In just a few days, surpassed 7 million site visits, and all-time record.

While the mystery surrounding this story spurred water cooler conversations worldwide, the real story is the time and financial investment owners are taking to save Whiskey Row. In a week’s time, the press reported about the progress on West Main including the selective demolition and tedious stabilization work required to save these historic buildings.

News of the scandalous Club LATEX has evolved into an encouraging story about the entire purpose of saving Whiskey Row and Louisville’s history.