Nashville HOT Opens in Cincinnati


Former Investor and President of Tom+Chee David Krikorian wanted to bring the first Nashville-style hot chicken restaurant to the Cincinnati tri-state. Hiring Nashville-native James Hutchison as the head chef and pinning down his first location in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, he hired Boxcar to build awareness and generate a following with goal of opening future locations across the midwest.

Boxcar gained local and regional media coverage and developed a presence across major social media outlets including Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We worked with local influencers and stakeholders to attend soft openings and special events in addition to local magazines and bloggers for added buzz and outreach. After a strong first two months, we continue to manage media coverage and social media content and look forward to continued success with additional locations in Cincinnati and the midwest!

To learn more about Nashville Hot and the media coverage gained by Boxcar, visit the following story links.

WCPO  |  |  RCNKY   |   QSR   |   Business Courier   |   Local 12


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