Meet Boxcar's New Gamechanger



Boxcar is thrilled to officially welcome “Gamechanger” Joey Wagner to our staff. Joey is no stranger to Louisville and his company, the J Wagner Group, is the driving force behind some of Louisville’s largest charity and celebrity events. His marketing and event management experience brings a whole new dynamic to Boxcar with many exciting things to come.

I sat down with Joey to pick his brain and see what keeps him motivated.

This is your second full week in the office, what do you like about Boxcar’s energy so far?

It’s a young, hip, and outgoing company. Everyone is extremely talented both individually and as a team, and their client work speaks for itself. I love being in an office where the people you work with have the same goals and work ethic.

We have some die hard sports fans in the office and we know sports are a big part of your life as well. What is your most memorable experience or game as a Cards fan?

The Tennessee game in 2001. Louisville hit 3 three-pointers in 30 seconds to win the game. I remember seeing a lot of U of L fans leaving the building because we were down six with less than 30 seconds to go. After that first three pointer the crowd went crazy and started running back to their seats. It was one of the best comebacks in Louisville history and still gives me chills when I watch it on YouTube.

What inspires you?

The passion to wake up everyday and think of what’s next drives me because I’m doing what I love. I like thinking outside the box and bouncing around new ideas to grow my company. Obviously my family inspires me. My dad always told me to never let anyone outwork you and I’ve definitely seen how hard work pays off.

Speaking of family, how do you balance work and family?

Family is first no matter what, and they inspire me to work harder every day. My family makes me the person I am today and there is nothing better than being a father. You have to remember when leaving the office that it’s family time and to spend as much time with them as possible when you’re home.

You put on a lot of events for charities, how do you keep costs down for maximum money back to those in need?

We use a lot of connections with sponsors to get as many products and services donated as possible. Obviously it’s a write off for the company but they are getting the huge marketing value of being part of an amazing event.

You’ve been working hard on a new event that is already generating a lot of buzz in Louisville. Tell us about Glow Go.

Glow Go is our new baby! It’s a nighttime 5k race that takes place on July 27th here in Louisville. It’s basically half race, half party and we’ll give it a fun twist with lights, music, and neon colors. We will be releasing more details soon, but you can go to for announcements.