Blue River Cabinetry: A New Design Direction


Blue River Cabinetry has been a name associated with quality and craftsmanship in the cabinetry business for over 40 years. They wanted to refresh their dealer brochure so that it would reflect a more modern and fresh style. We took the old brochure that was heavy in dark colors, outdated fonts and clunky organization and put a much needed modern spin on a timeless brand. The new design and organization gave more structure to the custom cabinetry process and allowed us to highlight unique aspects of this company. Our interpretation of the color wheel exhibited great personality and conveyed the strong message of “limitless color options” rather than the bland color swatches as before. Furthermore, we felt it was important to highlight that Blue River expertise goes beyond just the kitchen, yet in all aspects of one’s home or office. The copy was rewritten in a way that could speak to not only the dealer, but the consumer as well.

They liked the design so much that we redesigned all the company’s business cards to reflect the brochure style.

Cover Mockup2_BR_spreadClose Up mockupBR_biz card