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Centre College Football Mural

Boxcar recently completed the design of a wall mural at Centre College in Danville, KY. The athletic mural spanned 625 sq. ft. in the college’s football gym. Our graphic designers incorporated Centre’s athletes, school quotes and past championships and participations into their design. The mural “pops” off the wall and and celebrates the success of…

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HOW TO: On Typography

Boxcar brings you 5 easy steps to follow when using typography! Whether you are designing a billboard or simply sending a monthly agenda to a client – the way your viewer reads text is crucial. 1. NUMBER Limit the number of typefaces you choose. The more fonts you have the trickier it will it is…

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Ladies and Gentlemen, For Your Success, a Juggling Act

My Media Whiz cohort, Lynsey, came to me the other day and asked me to create a sports logo for her and one of our clients. I was struck with some serious creative block. I tried everything, sketching, looking at other logos, and a few other things. I overcame my block eventually, but I definitely…

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