HOW TO: On Typography

Boxcar brings you 5 easy steps to follow when using typography! Whether you are designing a billboard or simply sending a monthly agenda to a client – the way your viewer reads text is crucial.

Limit the number of typefaces you choose. The more fonts you have the trickier it will it is to keep balance in your design. It is safest to stick with two – one for header and one for copy.

You want to contrast your chosen typefaces yet make sure they complement one another. There is a simple design principal – pair a san serif with a serif, one being the header and the other copy. It is important that they have enough contrast but don’t give off different messages. Be mindful when selecting your serif and san serif. If you pair a decorative san serif with a formal serif, these extreme personality differences leave your viewer confused.

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Obviously the bigger and bolder the type, the more power it holds. If your important points and punch lines are all the same size as the body of your design, the viewer won’t be able to organize and make sense of the information. Enlarging and minimizing fonts can be tricky. Most display fonts are designed to be used for large headlines only. Whereas body fonts, when used effectively, can be used as both a large headline and for extensive amounts of copy.

Color gives personality but also visual hierarchy. It is important to choose colors based on emotions you are trying to convey. Blue and red together often feel patriotic and corporate. “Pops” of color are great ways to draw your viewer in but it is also important to pay attention to background colors and the color of other elements in the design. Last thing you want is a crazy rainbow of clashing colors.

Simple rule of thumb, text needs proper breathing room. The way you use your empty space crucial in the overall design.
Crammed text creates a busy design and is hard for a viewer to read. When whitespace is used effectively, a visual hierarchy is created and the viewer easily finds focal


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