St. Matthews Imports


St. Matthews Imports has been a trusted brand in the Louisville automotive repair market for over 45 years. With the company in the hands of the second-generation leaders, the owners felt it was time to modernize the brand representation.

What we did

Marketing Audit

 We conducted a thorough marketing audit of all the company’s materials, advertising spending, budget, staff perception and customer experience. The audit involved meetings with staff, collecting all marketing materials, in-store visits, and a review of the various communication methods used throughout the company. From this audit, we were able to make our recommendations for improvement and present creative ideas of how to move forward.

Social Media

We cleaned up their current social media representation and developed a structure for posting. We brainstormed content topics and created an editorial roadmap for their posting. We also felt that some stories that were being experienced firsthand would be missed opportunities if not shared so we educated the staff on how to post on social media and what constituted strong content.

Graphic Design

The company embraced a new look in their graphics utilizing our creativity in everything from print advertising for their body shops to fish price tags for their boats.

Customer Connection

They had the opportunity to connect with their customers in a more impactful way encouraging their brand to stay top of mind. We conducted a customer service observation and evaluation of current practices which included secret shoppers and in-store visits. With this firsthand observation, we were able to make overall improvements for the customer experience.

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