“I used to dream that I was running down Broadway in downtown Louisville, Kentucky and all of the people were gathered in the street waving at me and clapping and cheering my name. I waved back, then all of a sudden I just took off flying. I dreamed that dream all the time.”

–Muhammad Ali (retold by Hana Ali)

“Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali received a sendoff fit for a king Friday in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The service made clear what millions already knew, the legendary fighter was one of the most famous and admired people in the world.”

– Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News


“Muhammad Ali only pretended to be the greatest. It was part of his act. But as his casket traveled through this city Friday, and as thousands gathered to celebrate his life, his greatness became clearer than ever.”

– Wall Street Journal


“Ali’s own self-planned and beautiful memorial was impressively ambitious in scope. The over-three-hour service with over a dozen speakers and presenters had a clear theme — Ali’s legacy not in sport, but in the larger world, regarding social issues of equality and justice.”

– FOXSports


“Every age was out there,” he told Entertainment Tonight of Ali’s memorial service, which was open to 15,000 members of the public. “It was beautiful. It was absolutely … ‘celebration’ is the right word.”

– Will Smith

Boxcar’s most notable client Muhammad Ali was laid to rest in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky on June 10, 2016. We’ve represented Muhammad and the Ali family for nearly a decade. For years Boxcar planned and organized the details surrounding Muhammad Ali’s memorial exactly as The Greatest himself had it outlined—a memorial open to all taking place in the city he loved.

With Ali’s blessing, Boxcar orchestrated a Jenazah funeral prayer service, a citywide procession, a private burial, and an interfaith memorial service that was televised and streamed all over the world. We held daily press briefings; organized and distributed credentials; and coordinated messaging to over 800 members of the media that hailed from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Japan, and more. We could not have executed this enormous undertaking without the help of Mayor Greg Fischer and his staff; the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau; the Louisville Metro Police Department; the KFC Yum! Center staff; Governor Matt Bevin; Dr. Mark Lynn and the KY State Fair Board; the Muhammad Ali Center; the Louisville Marriott Downtown; countless volunteers; event partners; and the beautiful and respectful citizens of Louisville. It was our highest honor and an experience none of us will ever forget. Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali.

– Boxcar Public Relations

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