Gumer Jewelry & Co.


In the growing market, Gumer and Co. Jewelry needed to reinvision it’s brand tactics to not just maintain market presence but also rise above the competing jewelry business in the Louisville area. We tackled this challenge from the inside out.

What we did

Marketing Budget Audit

Boxcar dove in as the driving force behind the company’s advertising decisions serving as a liaison between the media world and Gumer. We redirected paid advertising dollars, reworked existing contracts and sought out stronger outlets to better fulfill their advertising goals.

Creative Direction

We helped guide current and future brand development in several ways but the first step was to move their creative services from a freelance bases to Boxcar. This allowed Gumer to save on design costs and helped us streamline all design elements and develop creative strategies with new direction. From styling a photo shoot to redesigning all the company’s graphic design elements, we gave this brand a modernized look.

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